Controllable and shortcut-based population transfers with a composite system of a nitrogen-vacancy electron spin and microwave photons


Optimal population transfer is of critical importance for quantum information processing. Here an efficient scheme is proposed for implementing controllable and shortcut-based population transfers with a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) electron spin and cavity photons. The electron spin is placed inside a setup of circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED). Under a suitable magnetic field bias, the ground state of electron spin constitutes an effective triplet. By means of the quantized cavity field and classical drivings, we obtain a \(\Delta \)-configuration interaction within a composite three-state system. Based on the adjustable Rabi couplings, the shortcut-based population transfers can be performed controllably. Moreover, compared with the adiabatic counterparts, the operations assisted by counter-diabatic drivings need much shorter times and then are less susceptible to decoherence effects. Our scheme provides a promising avenue toward optimized transfer operations on NV center electron spins in circuit QED.

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This work is supported by the Key Research Project in Univesities of Henan Province under Grant No. 19A140016, the “316” Project Plan of Xuchang University, the Research Project of Xuchang University under Grant No. 2020YB009, and the Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province under Grant No. 212300410388.

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