Evolution reconstruction of deviate Bell states by extending the novel Fourier-based method


The time-variant quantum communication channel affected by uncontrollable environmental factors induces an unrepeatable evolution of Bell states, which calls for a universal method of evolution reconstruction. The novel Fourier-based method proposed recently is extended and demonstrated for the deviated Bell states. The density operators are represented in terms of expectation value functions of projectors. The optimal quorums and measurement schemes are presented. The ways of extending the Fourier-based recovery series are also given. The simulated results show that our method is effective and the novel Fourier-based method can keep a good performance for the evolution reconstruction of Bell states.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61975238).

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  • Evolution reconstruction
  • Bell states
  • Novel Fourier-based method
  • Projective measurement