Alternative scheme of universal optical programmable multi-qubit gates for polarization qubits


We propose an alternative scheme for programmable quantum gates specifically designed for polarization qubits of single photons. Unlike the conventional approach based on the scheme of Reck et al., we adopt the Hilbert-space expansion technique to enable a novel feature in the design of arbitrary quantum operations. We present a scheme that independently programs each matrix element of an operator. The proposed scheme can support the realization of many kinds of quantum operations. In anticipation of advances in the current quantum photonics technology, we assume the manipulation and detection of many photon qubits and propose a theoretical scheme to achieve n-polarization-qubit optical reconfigurable quantum gates by linear optical elements.

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  1. 1.

    In quantum metrology, normally the form of the operator is available, though it is parametrized by an unknown parameter (e.g., U(x) with the unknown parameter x). In such case, one could still attempt the decomposition, even when in general this is probably impractical.


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We would like to thank Mr. Thomas D. Coyne and Mr. Kittisak Thowsombat for their kind assistance in editing the English, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kwan Arayathanitkul and Assist. Prof. Dr. Worasak Sukkabot for helpful discussions. Grant No. 035/2557 from the Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents project (DPST) scholarship, research fund for DPST graduate with first placement and Grant No. ThEP-60-PHY-PSU4 by the Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics are acknowledged. Moreover, this project is under U.Reka Program sponsored by The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited and managed by Digital Ventures Co., Ltd.

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