Improving the performance of decoy-state quantum digital signature with single-photon-added coherent sources


Quantum digital signature (QDS) in principle can provide the information-theoretic security based on the laws of quantum mechanics. The scheme of quantum digital signature that does not require trusted quantum channels has been presented. However, the performance in both signature rate and transmission distance remains to be improved. In this paper, we present a scheme on implementing the single-photon-added coherent state (SPACS) into QDS. We use the BB84 protocol as an example and compare its performance with the case of using the weak coherent state (WCS). Our simulation results indicate that the performance of the QDS system utilizing SPACS can greatly exceed those using WCS.

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Key R&D Program of China through Grant Nos. 2018YFA0306400, 2017YFA0304100, the National Natural Science Foundation of China through Grants Nos. 11774180, 61590932, 61705110, 11847215, and the Leading-edge technology Program of Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation (BK20192001).

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