Dynamics of entropic uncertainty for atoms immersed in thermal fluctuating massless scalar field

  • Zhiming Huang


In this article, the dynamics of quantum memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation for two atoms immersed in a thermal bath of fluctuating massless scalar field is investigated. The master equation that governs the system evolution process is derived. It is found that the mixedness is closely associated with entropic uncertainty. For equilibrium state, the tightness of uncertainty vanishes. For the initial maximum entangled state, the tightness of uncertainty undergoes a slight increase and then declines to zero with evolution time. It is found that temperature can increase the uncertainty, but two-atom separation does not always increase the uncertainty. The uncertainty evolves to different relatively stable values for different temperatures and converges to a fixed value for different two-atom distances with evolution time. Furthermore, weak measurement reversal is employed to control the entropic uncertainty.


Entropic uncertainty Mixedness Dynamics Fluctuating massless scalar field Weak measurement reversal 



Z.M. Huang was supported by the Science Foundation for Young Teachers of Wuyi University (2015zk01) and the Doctoral Research Foundation of Wuyi University (2017BS07).


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