Quantum Information Processing

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Tripartite operation sharing with a six-particle maximally entangled state

  • Jian Peng


A three-party quantum operation-sharing scheme is proposed that uses a six-particle maximally entangled state, the same state used in Helwig et al.’s quantum secret sharing scheme. The security of the proposed scheme is analyzed, and the essential role of the six-particle state in this quantum task is explained. Also, a symmetry feature for sharers and the scheme determinancy is identified. Finally, the experimental feasibility of the proposed protocol is discussed and confirmed, and the protocol is compared with competing protocols.


Quantum operation sharing Tripartite scheme Six-particle maximally entangled state 



This work was supported by the Twelfth Five Year Plan Project of GuangDong Province (GD13XGL29), Science and technology plan project of Guangdong Province (2013B070206076), Ordinary university characteristics innovation projects of GuangDong Province, and the planning project of ShaoGuan (Z2013018).


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  1. 1.School of Information Sciences and EngineeringShaoguan UniversityShaoguanChina

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