Quantum Information Processing

, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 1647–1673 | Cite as

Quantum Boolean image denoising

  • Mario Mastriani


A quantum Boolean image processing methodology is presented in this work, with special emphasis in image denoising. A new approach for internal image representation is outlined together with two new interfaces: classical to quantum and quantum to classical. The new quantum Boolean image denoising called quantum Boolean mean filter works with computational basis states (CBS), exclusively. To achieve this, we first decompose the image into its three color components, i.e., red, green and blue. Then, we get the bitplanes for each color, e.g., 8 bits per pixel, i.e., 8 bitplanes per color. From now on, we will work with the bitplane corresponding to the most significant bit (MSB) of each color, exclusive manner. After a classical-to-quantum interface (which includes a classical inverter), we have a quantum Boolean version of the image within the quantum machine. This methodology allows us to avoid the problem of quantum measurement, which alters the results of the measured except in the case of CBS. Said so far is extended to quantum algorithms outside image processing too. After filtering of the inverted version of MSB (inside quantum machine), the result passes through a quantum-classical interface (which involves another classical inverter) and then proceeds to reassemble each color component and finally the ending filtered image. Finally, we discuss the more appropriate metrics for image denoising in a set of experimental results.


Quantum algorithms Quantum Boolean image denoising   Quantum/classical interfaces Quantum measurement 



M. Mastriani thanks Prof. Dr. Salvador E. Venegas-Andraca, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science from Monterrey Institute of Technology-State of Mexico Campus for being the creator of this discipline, by share it—so selflessly—with all humanity, and for his tremendous help and support. Besides, I wish to thank all the technical staff of the various laboratories of the National Commission of Atomic Energy for the help they gave me in the preparation of experiments. It is impossible to name them all here, simply, thank you all for all.


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