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Editorial announcement


The editors of Public Choice are pleased to announce their selections for the best papers published during calendar year 2017.

The Duncan Black Prize for the best article contributed by a “senior” scholar is awarded to Gyung-Ho Jeong (Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia) for:

The supermajority core of the US Senate and the failure to join the League of Nations, Public Choice 173(3–4) (December 2017), 325–343.

The Gordon Tullock Prize for the best article contributed by a younger scholar is awarded to Keith E. Schnakenberg (Department of Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis) for:

The downsides of information transmission and voting, Public Choice 173(1–2) (October 2017), 43–59.

The prizes carry honoraria of $1000 each. The honorarium for the Duncan Black Prize is funded by the Public Choice Society; SpringerNature, the publisher of Public Choice, funds the honorarium for the Gordon Tullock Prize.

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