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Robert I. Rotberg: Transformative political leadership: making a difference in the developing world

Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 2012. 216 pages. USD 25.00 (paper)
  • Michael McBride
Book Review

Why do some less-developed nations succeed and others fail? Many answers have been proposed, including geography, culture, and political and economic institutions. In Transformative Political Leadership: Making a Difference in the Developing World, Robert Rotberg argues that another ingredient relevant to developing countries has gone underappreciated: the role of the “transformative political leader.” This individual has a visionary plan that unifies multiple constituencies, succeeds in selling that vision to mobilize popular and political support, and maintains trust and support to see the plan to fruition though intellectual honesty, integrity, and prudence. It is precisely in developing nations with weak political institutions where this leader is most important because he or she is able to mobilize collective endeavors despite the lack of institutional support. The transformative political leader thus plays a pivotal role in creating a new political culture and laying the...

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