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Both Atomoxetine and Stimulants Improve Quality of Life in an ADHD Population Treated in a Community Clinic

  • Leo Bastiaens
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To evaluate change in quality of life in a community clinic ADHD population treated with atomoxetine or stimulants. No direct comparisons between atomoxetine and stimulants to improve quality of life in ADHD are available.


A prospective, nonrandomized comparison between ADHD patients treated with atomoxetine or stimulants in one clinic. Structured diagnostic assessment tools and a specific quality of life measure were used.


84 patients (atomoxetine n = 39/stimulants n = 45), between the ages of 5 and 18, were treated for approximately 8 months. At end point, there were no significant differences in improvements of quality of life between the two groups. Age, participation in psychotherapy, and parental disability were not correlated with quality of life changes. Patients with lower baseline scores improved most.


Both atomoxetine and stimulants led to a modest increase in quality of life in this community clinic ADHD population.


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No financial support was obtained for this study.


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