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Psychiatric Patient Assault and Staff Victim Gender: Fifteen-year Analysis of the Assaulted Staff Action Program (ASAP)

  • Raymond B. FlanneryJr
  • Louise Marks
  • Lisa Laudani
  • Andrew P. Walker
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Extensive, largely cross-sectional research has documented the continued occurrence of patient assaults on male and female staff. Different studies report either male or female staff to be at highest risk. Studies of same/different gender assaults which might more fully answer this question have been few. In these latter studies both male and female staff were at high risk for same gender assaults. In community settings males were at risk from same gender assaults but females were at risk from assaults by both patient genders. The present 15-year longitudinal retrospective study examined same/different gender assaults over time. Since the health care system under study experienced several major policy changes during these years, data were also examined at 5-year intervals to assess the stability of findings across time. Male and female staff were at increased risk from same gender assaults over time in both inpatient and community settings. The findings and their implications are discussed. In addition, a cost-effective, comprehensive risk management strategy for containing assaults is outlined.


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  • Louise Marks
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  • Lisa Laudani
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