Comparison Principle for Elliptic Equations with Mixed Singular Nonlinearities


We deal with existence and uniqueness of positive solutions of an elliptic boundary value problem modeled by

$$ \left \{\begin {array}{ll} \displaystyle -{\Delta }_{p} u= \frac {f}{u^{\gamma }} + g u^{q} & \text { in } {\Omega }, \\ u = 0 & \text {on } \partial {\Omega }, \end {array}\right . $$

where Ω is an open bounded subset of \(\mathbb {R}^{N}\) where Ω is an open bounded subset of \(\mathbb {R}^{N}\), Δpu := ÷(|∇u|p− 2u) is the usual p-Laplacian operator, γ ≥ 0 and 0 ≤ qp − 1; f and g are nonnegative functions belonging to suitable Lebesgue spaces.


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