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Some applications of the regularity principle in sequence spaces

  • Wasthenny Vasconcelos Cavalcante


The Hardy–Littlewood inequalities for m-linear forms have their origin with the seminal paper of Hardy and Littlewood (Q J Math 5:241–254, 1934). Nowadays it has been extensively investigated and many authors are looking for the optimal estimates of the constants involved. For \(m<p\le 2m\) it asserts that there is a constant \(D_{m,p}^{\mathbb {K}}\ge 1\) such that
$$\begin{aligned} \left( \sum _{j_{1},\ldots ,j_{m}=1}^{n}\left| T(e_{j_{1}},\ldots ,e_{j_{m} })\right| ^{\frac{p}{p-m}}\right) ^{\frac{p-m}{p}}\le D_{m,p} ^{\mathbb {K}}\left\| T\right\| , \end{aligned}$$
for all m-linear forms \(T:\ell _{p}^{n}\times \cdots \times \ell _{p} ^{n}\rightarrow \mathbb {K}=\mathbb {R}\) or \(\mathbb {C}\) and all positive integers n. Using a regularity principle recently proved by Pellegrino, Santos, Serrano and Teixeira, we present a straightforward proof of the Hardy–Littlewood inequality and show that:
  1. (1)

    If \(m<p_{1}\le p_{2}\le 2m\) then \(D_{m,p_{1}}^{\mathbb {K}}\le D_{m,p_{2}}^{\mathbb {K}}\);

  2. (2)

    \(D_{m,p}^{\mathbb {K}}\le D_{m-1,p}^{\mathbb {K}}\) whenever \(m<p\le 2\left( m-1\right) \) for all \(m\ge 3\).



Multilinear forms Hardy–Littlewood inequalities Regularity principle 

Mathematics Subject Classification

47H60 11Y60 47A63 46G25 


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