Comparative Analysis of Outstanding Women in Public Administration Leadership: a Book Review

  • Hannah E. Poteete
Book Review

The two books under review are excellent resources for scholars and practitioners that are looking to integrate a fruitful discussion about women in leadership into their classrooms and understanding the obstacles and breakthroughs that women in leadership have made throughout history. Outstanding Women in Public Administration: Leaders, Mentors, and Pioneers (Felbinger and Haynes 2004) and Women and Leadership Around the World (Madsen et al. 2015) are both historical and relevant books that highlight sterling women who have had an impact on the way women are perceived in the world of decision-making.

Outstanding Womenis a provocative, biographical collection that defines the impact of women in leadership by highlighting pioneers in typically male-dominated public administration roles throughout U.S. history. The contributing authors, including Mary E. Guy and Meredith A. Newman, give readers an intimate look into the lives, accomplishments, loves, and deaths of eight American women...


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