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Leadership, or the Lack Thereof, by Kevin McGuinness and Stephen Bauld. Toronto: Lulu, 2005, 625 pp., $35.25 (paper)

  • R. W. Robertson
Book Review

Leadership is defined in many different ways and it has been the subject of many papers, articles and books. As might be expected this range of coverage reflects a wide diversity of opinions about leadership and the value of leadership to organizational success.

In Leadership, or the Lack Thereof, McGuinness and Bauld take a broad, holistic perspective on leadership. They systematically assess the field of leadership utilizing both a comprehensive review of leadership literature and augment this research with their own considerable knowledge and understanding of leadership. Both Bauld and McGuinness have served in leadership roles within the public service in Canada. Bauld, for example, is a former Manager of Purchasing with the City of Hamilton and now Vice President of the Ontario General Contractor’s Association. For his part, McGuinness has academic experience in the United Kingdom and he has served as a Senior Solicitor with the City of Hamilton and the Province of Ontario. Their...

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