Photonic Network Communications

, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 79–84 | Cite as

Crosstalk due to optical demultiplexing in subcarrier multiplexed systems

  • Zuqing Zhu


We report an in-depth investigation of the inter-modulation crosstalk in subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) systems with optical demultiplexing (ODeMux). Both theoretical derivations and numerical simulations show that the crosstalk in ODeMux systems mainly comes from the nonlinear mixing of the baseband and subcarrier modulations inside the signal channels. Several key parameters are then studied to estimate their effects on the magnitude of the crosstalk. As a result, performance optimization strategies are proposed for ODeMux SCM systems. In order to further enhance the transmission performance of ODeMux SCM systems, we discuss two techniques to suppress the inter-modulation crosstalk and analyze their effectiveness with numerical simulations.


Subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) Crosstalk analysis Optical communications Optical signal processing Optical-label switching (OLS) Passive optical networks (PON) 


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  1. 1.Cisco Systems, IEEESan JoseUSA

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