Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

, Volume 52, Issue 7–8, pp 424–430 | Cite as

Friction and Wear of Porous Sliding Bearings at High Temperature. Influence of MoS2 Nanoparticle Solid Lubricant

  • H. Wisniewska-Weinert

The paper is devoted to analysis of friction and wear of real porous sliding bearings modified with solid lubricant layers at high temperature. For this purpose, a special homemade friction tester was applied. The technology of sleeve nitriding is described. The results of the friction tests reveal about the achievement of quasi-hydrodynamic lubrication regime of powder bearings. The lowest friction coefficient is found to be f = 0.04 at 300°C. The great effect of wear rate diminishing is obtained at 300°C as interaction of microasperities is preserved at the sliding interface in quasi-hydrodynamic lubrication regime.


sliding friction wear sliding bearing powder materials quasi-hydrodynamic lubrication regime 


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  1. 1.Metal Forming InstitutePoznanPoland

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