Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics

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Secondary microstructure and its effect on the functional properties of Mg–Mn–Zn–Ca–Fe–O ferrites

  • M. A. Zinovik
  • E. V. Zinovik

The paper examines the dependence of the secondary microstructure and electromagnetic parameters on the heat-treatment conditions of ferrite elements in the Mg–Mn–Zn–Ca–Fe–O system used in switching and logic elements. An optical microscope revealed dotted and netted secondary microstructures. The dotted structure is found in the samples sintered at 1603 K, quenched at 1273 K, and additionally annealed at 823 K. It is shown that annealing for up to 3 h increases the coercivity H, without degradation of the other parameters. This made it possible to increase the cyield of elements by a factor of 1.5 by increasing the Hc of rejected (because of low coercivity) elements. We developed a technique that provides equal temperature–time conditions for all annealed samples in a lot and allows controlling the yield of elements by periodically adjusting the annealing duration based on inspection of samples from inspection lots.


ferrite spinel structure crystal lattice magnetic element sintering hardening annealing secondary microstructure electromagnetic parameters output of accepted elements 


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  1. 1.Kirovograd National Technical UniversityKirovogradUkraine

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