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Developmental and LED Light Source Modulation of Carotenogenic Gene Expression in Oncidium Gower Ramsey Flowers

  • Wen-Li Lee
  • Jian-Zhi Huang
  • Li-Chi Chen
  • Chi-Chu Tsai
  • Fure-Chyi Chen
Original Paper


Cut flowers of the orchid Oncidium Gower Ramsey are valuable agricultural produce around the world because of their yellow color contributed by carotenoids in adaxial and abaxial epidermal layers in petals and labellum. Here, we investigated the regulation of carotenogenic genes in response to different light qualities in Oncidium flowers. Total chlorophyll content was high in young flower buds and reduced during flower development, but carotenoid content was increased during flower development. We detected 11 key carotenoid biosynthesis genes and determined their expression profiles with light treatment. Real-time PCR revealed high mRNA levels of most genes, except OncCHYB and OncSDR, in vegetative tissues; only OncLCYe showed low expression in flowers. White light upregulated OncPSY, OncLCYb, and OncNCED but downregulated OncPDS, OncZDS, OncCrtISO, OncLCYe, OncCHYB, OncZEP, OncCCD1, and OncSDR; red light upregulated OncPSY, OncLCYb, OncLCYe, and OncCCD1; and UV light upregulated OncPSY, OncPDS, OncLCYb, OncZEP, and OncNCED. We cloned the promoter region of the phytoene synthase gene and found it to have potential cis-regulatory elements, such as TATA-box and CAAT-box, in addition to multiple light-responsive elements such as G-box, I-box, GT-1 motif, GAG-motif, and H-box. Our results of light-regulated carotenogenic gene expression and promoter analysis in flowers of Oncidium Gower Ramsey suggest ways to manipulate carotenoid content for high-quality cut-flower production.


Carotenoids Pigment quantification Light qualities Real-time PCR Promoter 

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