Table 7 Soil chemistry, plant biomass, plant tissue elemental composition and soil fauna variables that are significantly correlated with pH

From: Plant, soil and faunal responses to a contrived pH gradient

Variable Significant positive correlation with pH Significant negative correlation with pH
Soil Al  
Soil Ca  
Soil Mn  
Soil P  
Soil C:N  
Shoot biomass  
Plant Tissue Ca  
Plant Tissue Mn  
Plant Tissue S  
Total earthworm abundance  
Total adult earthworm abundance  
Total juvenile earthworm abundance  
Total endogeic earthworm abundance  
Total endogeic adult earthworm abundance  
Total endogeic juvenile earthworm abundance  
Total anecic earthworm abundance  
Earthworm diversity (QBS-e)  
Nematode Diversity (1-ITD)  
  1. Spearman’s rank order correlations were calculated for all plant biomass, plant and soil chemistry variables and diversity indices against pH, but only variables that have a significant correlation (p < 0.05) are shown