Phytochemistry Reviews

, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 343–374 | Cite as

Recent progress in phytochemistry, pharmacology and biotechnology of Astragalus saponins

  • Iliana Ionkova
  • Aleksandar Shkondrov
  • Ilina Krasteva
  • Todor Ionkov


Saponins are widely distributed among plant kingdom and possess a wide range of pharmacological properties. Genus Astragalus is the largest in the Fabaceae family, comprising more than 2,200 species spread over the Globe. Astragalus species have been used in traditional medicine of many countries as well as in the modern one. The main use in the folk medicine of the species is due to their saponin content. The paper is focused on the above mentioned group of compounds. Details on their structure, distribution, recent information on the pharmacological properties and biotechnology of Astragalus saponins will be summarized and thoroughly discussed.


Cycloartanes Oleananes Plant anticancer compounds In vitro production 



Financial support from Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia, Bulgaria (DFNI-B01/3/2012) is acknowledged.


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