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, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 155–187 | Cite as

Schisandraceae triterpenoids: a review

  • Yong-Gang Xia
  • Bing-You Yang
  • Hai-Xue Kuang


This article describes 221 new triterpenoids especially schinortriterpenoids, published from February 2008 through July 2013 as constituents of the family Schisandraceae. The article discusses their source, biological activity, synthetical studies, stereochemistry aspects and chemotaxonomy significance. Applications of hyphenated techniques to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of schinortriterpenoids are also reviewed, together with advances in microbial transformation and synthetic studies.


Schisandraceae Schisandra Kadsura Triterpenoids 



We thank the authors of all the references cited herein for their valuable contributions. Our work was financially supported in part by the project of 2015 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and academic visitor plans for China Scholarship Council (2011823174). We thank Letpub for its linguistic assistance during the preparation of this manuscript.

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