Phytochemistry Reviews

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On the biogenesis of marine isoprenoids

  • Yoel Kashman
  • Amira Rudi


The isoprenoids comprise an important group among the marine natural products which are mainly obtained from soft corals, sponges and algae. The cembranes, xenia metabolites from soft corals and rearranged spongans from sponges are examples of marine diterpenoids obtained directly from GeGePP or after remarkable changes. Biogenesis, suggested biosynthesis, based on the structure and mainly known terrestrial biosynthesis, is proposed for diterpenoids and higher isoprenoids. Examples include the sipholanes, sodwanones and other triterpenoids as well as antheliolide and the T. toxius phenylhexaprenoide metabolites of mixed biogenetic origin.


biogenesis isoprenoids marine secondary metabolites polyethers triterpenoids 


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