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Dear Reader,

It is time for a small technical update for our readers. Over the last year the publication of the journal has not been running as smoothly as usual. But, as you must have noticed, we are now really doing our utmost to get all accepted articles published in print.

However, we do want to point out to you, that all articles first will appear on the PWS website at Springerlink. This slowly is developing as the future way of fast-track publishing for most scientific journals. Subscribers, or the members of the affiliated associations, can access these pages and download and read all accepted papers ahead of print. Give it a try!

Foppe van Mil

Editor-in-chief PWS


Due to a change in systems, we recently published a number of articles on-line and in print with the qualification ‘Original Article’. This should have been ‘Research Article’.

Moreover, the article of Sweileh et al. (DOI 10.1007/s11096-007-9095-1) should be a Research Article, and not a Short Research Report.

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