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Outstanding Reviewers of 2010


Pharmaceutical Research recognizes the outstanding service of the following reviewers, who provided comments and recommendations for at least three or more manuscripts during 2010.

Chapla Agarwal, University of Colorado Denver

Rajesh Agarwal, University of Colorado Denver

Bharat Aggarwal, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mahmood Ahmad, Islamia University

Cheol-Hee Ahn, Seoul National University

Fakhrul Ahsan, Texas Tech School of Pharmacy

Hidetaka Akita, Hokkaido University

Tom Alfredson, Roche Palo Alto

Hassan Almoazen, University of Tennessee

Anil Kumar Anal, Living Cell Technologies Ltd.

Rinku Baid, University of Colorado Denver

Praveen Balimane, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Ajay K. Banga, Mercer University

Martin Bergstrand, Uppsala University

Sven Björkman, Malmö University Hospital

Kathleen M.K. Boje, SUNY Buffalo

Youngro Byun, Seoul National University

Anuj Chauhan, University of Florida

Peng Chen, Nanyang Technological University

Kun Cheng, University of Missouri–Kansas...

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