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Current Trends in the Chemoprevention of Cancer

  • Fazlul H. Sarkar

In the latter part of the last century, we have witnessed the development of pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of human malignancies. During this development, active agents have been discovered from the bounties of nature, as well as from the hard work of synthetic medicinal chemists who have developed a synthetic chemical library of thousands of compounds. In recent years, we have also witnessed the discovery and synthesis of novel targeted agents for the treatment of human malignancies, some of which have shown excellent therapeutic superiority over conventional chemotherapeutic agents. However, we have not fully exploited what nature can offer in terms of novel agents. Such agents alone may not be sufficient as superior therapeutic agents, although “natural agents” (dietary agents) are by definition non-toxic, which could be very useful for sensitization of drug-resistant tumor cells to the existing conventional therapeutics. Moreover, such natural agents could also guide...


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