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AAPS Update


2008 Arden Conference: Particle and Powder Technologies for Solid Dosage Forms

February 3–8, 2008

The Thayer Hotel

West Point, NY


This program is designed to provide fundamental under-standing and latest technologies on particle and powder for pharmaceutical scientists engaged in solid dosage formulations. It will also give an overview of fundamental principles for particle and powders. Detailed presentations will cover nanoparticles and particle engineering for novel drug delivery, as well as characterization and modeling of powder flow and powder compaction for traditional solid dosage forms. Each topic will include lectures from experts in the field followed by in-depth group discussion and case studies in which participants are eager to participate. Attendees are encouraged to bring examples of current problems from their laboratories to share with participants, as well as past successes and failures.

Goals and Objectives

This program will provide fundamental...

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