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New for 2006! AAPS Workshop Clustering

AAPS is now offering clustered workshops. Workshops are being clustered with our two Annual Meetings, as well as several other times during the year. Workshops attached to the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference and the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition will be limited to a maximum of two workshops.

The first AAPS Clustered Workshops are being held May 1–3, 2006 at the Hyatt Crystal City, Arlington, VA.

AAPS Workshop on Dissolution Testing for the 21st Century: Linking Critical Quality Attributes and Critical Process Parameters to Clinically Relevant Dissolution Method/Specification

AAPS/FDA Third Bioanalytical Workshop on Quantitative Bioanalytical Methods Validation and Implementation: Best Practices for Chromatographic and Ligand Binding Assays

AAPS Workshop on Ensuring the Supply of Qualified Pharmaceutical Scientist Specialists in Product Development and Related Technologies that Meet Current and Future Needs

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