Special Issue on the Law Pertaining to Higher Education Personnel: Introduction

  • Charles J. Russo
  • Richard Fossey

This special issue of the Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education is devoted to legal issues that pertain to college and university employees. As these six articles demonstrate, the legal environment for higher education has become increasingly complex in recent years, particularly in the area of personnel.

Laura McNeal’s study on institutional compliance with the Clery Act illustrates the growing role of the federal government in the life of colleges and universities. As McNeal explains, the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act (the Clery Act) was adopted by Congress in 1990 in an effort to get more information to students and parents about safety and security issues on college campuses. The Act requires colleges and universities to collect data on criminal activity on and near their campuses and to publicly release this information on an annual basis. The Act has been amended several times since 1990; but, as McNeal demonstrated, college administrators continue to find...

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