Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing

, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp 55–86 | Cite as

The Particle In-Flight Characteristics in Plasma Spraying Process Measured by Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA)

  • J. Ma
  • S. C. M. Yu
  • H. W. Ng


Detailed measurements of particle in-flight characteristics have been carried out using a PDA system for benchmarking as well as to provide further information to aid the development of simulation models. The parameters studied included four conditions of primary gas flow rate and carrier gas flow rate. The particle velocities, diameters, and the corresponding volume flux at different locations were obtained. Due to the one port particle injection arrangement, it was noted that particles in general sprayed with an angle η deviated from the nozzle axis Z n , to the opposite side of the powder feeder port. The particles would also deviate from the spraying cone axis with a divergence angle (φ). The deviation and divergence angles were examined under different plasma spraying conditions. The measurement data rates at different cross-sectional planes were also obtained so as to compare the results derived from the volume flux measurement and the actual coating on a substrate at the equivalent standoff distance. It was found that the spraying area obtained from the measurement-data-rate increased with downstream distance and a linear relationship between spraying area and distance was also established. Comparing the integrated results, it was noted that the spraying areas derived from the measurement data rate were close to the actual spraying areas obtained from the coordinate measurement machine (CMM) results.


Plasma spraying particle in-flight diagnostics experimental 


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  • J. Ma
  • S. C. M. Yu
  • H. W. Ng

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