Pastoral Psychology

, Volume 56, Issue 2, pp 165–176 | Cite as

Who will Stir the Water for Us? A Pastoral Retrospective

  • Amy Bentley Lamborn


This essay explores a parish-based pastoral counseling case with a terminally ill woman suffering from crippling memories of childhood trauma. The analysis of the case focuses on the mutual influence arising within relational field, the idealizing transference (Kohut) or archetypal projection (Jung) onto the pastoral caregiver, and the purposeful function of a symbol which arose spontaneously in the work. Recalling the ancient incubation rites of Aesculapius, the article concludes by suggesting parallels for illuminating modern approaches to psychological and religious healing.


Shame Symbolism Mutual influence Idealizing transference Healing Transcendence 


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  1. 1.Program in Psychiatry & ReligionUnion Theological SeminaryBronxUSA

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