Tunable properties of omnidirectional band gap based on photonic quasicrystals containing superconducting material


In this study, we report the transmittance properties of 1D superconducting photonic quasicrystals (SPQCs) with Generalized Fibonacci (GF) quasiperiodic sequence. The constituent heterolayers are made of dielectric (SiO2) and superconductor (YaBO2CuO7). The transmittance spectrum is theoretically investigated by the Transfer Matrix Method and the Gorter Casimir Two-fluid model. It is shown that the 1D SPQCs exhibit a broadening omnidirectional band gap (OBG) at given GF parameters. The photonic band gap was adjusted by the constituent materials properties and the sort of regular quasi-periodic arrangement of (H/L) layers. The bandwidth of OBG can be enhanced by applying a typical deformation along the basic 1D SPQC sample. Similarly, a significant enhancement of main gap can be achieved, covering an extremely broad range of visible light frequencies by juxtaposition of Fibonacci stacks (GF(m, n))p. By applying structural defects, a pointed insert peaks can be notably opened within the gap. These results may be useful for selective superconducting photonic high reflectors.

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The authors are thankful to the Deanship of Scientific Research- Research Center at King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia for funding this research (code number: R.G.P.1/182/41).

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  • Photonic quasicrystals
  • Superconductor
  • Two-fluid model
  • Omnidirectional bragg gap
  • Fibonacci
  • Photonic band gap