150 km φ-OTDR sensor based on erbium and Raman amplifiers


Extending the sensing range for monitoring the railways, pipelines, borders, long structures, etc., has great importance in distributed fiber optic sensors development. Phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry (φ-OTDR) sensors are the best candidate for this purpose. Optical fiber amplifiers in φ-OTDR sensors have increased the sensing range. A φ-OTDR sensor using combination of Erbium and Raman amplifiers has been demonstrated with a sensing range of 128 km. In this paper, we presented a disturbance monitoring up to 150 km utilizing Erbium and bi-directional Raman amplifications. In the proposed sensor, disturbances at 30, 70 and 120 km distances are applied and Rayleigh backscattered signals are investigated.

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  • φ-OTDR
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