Graphene light modulator based on dual-ring resonator structure


In this paper, a graphene–dielectric–graphene modulator with a dual-ring resonator structure is designed. To achieve the dynamic modulation of the light intensity, the modulator is combined with the selective frequency filtering characteristic of the dual-ring resonator and the electrically tunable characteristic of the graphene. The finite element method is used to study the radius of the ring, the dielectric material, the wavelength and the chemical potential of graphene. The simulation results show that when the incident wavelength is 1580 nm, the chemical potential drops from 0.854 to 0.834 eV, for a 5 μm-long graphene light modulator, the extinction ratio of the modulator reaches 7.56 dB. Compare the previously proposed graphene light modulator, the device can not only be combined with the high extinction ratio and small size, but also has the high speed modulation rate, which is of great significance for large-scale production and integration of optoelectronic devices.

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This work was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province Grant (No: F2017501088) in China, the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province Grant (No: F2017203316) in China and the Hebei Province Higher Education Science and Technology Research Project (QN2019061) in China: Research on Biosensor Based on Diamond Thin Film Microring Resonator Structure.

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  • Surface optics
  • Dual-ring resonator
  • Graphene
  • Light modulator