Light propagation along a helical waveguide: variational approach


We investigate numerically and analytically light propagation in a single spiral waveguide formed in a nonlinear dielectric medium, in the regime of low spatial frequency of the waveguide rotation. We present a general variational approach for computing soliton parameters analytically, which includes various types of nonlinearity. In the particular case of media with cubic-quintic nonlinearity, analytical expressions found are in very good agreement with the numerical findings.

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This work was supported by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia under the Projects OI 171033 and 171006, by the NPRP 11S-1126-170033 project of the Qatar National Research Fund, and the Russian Science Foundation Project No. 18-11-00247. Authors acknowledge supercomputer time provided by the IT Research Computing group of Texas A&M University at Qatar. MRB acknowledges support by the Al Sraiya Holding Group.

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Correspondence to Aleksandra I. Strinić.

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  • Light propagation
  • Spiral waveguide
  • Variational approach