The effects of the intense laser field on the optical properties of the asymmetric parabolic quantum well



We have calculated the effects of the intense laser field on the total optical absorption coefficient (the linear and third-order nonlinear) for transition between two lower-lying electronic levels in the asymmetric parabolic \({\text{GaAs/ Ga}}_{{ 1 {\text{ - x}}}} {\text{Al}}_{\text{x}} {\text{As}}\) quantum well. Total absorption coefficient (linear and nonlinear absorption coefficient) for the transitions between any two electronic states was calculated by using density matrix formalism and the perturbation expansion method. Our results show that the effects of intense laser field and the well dimensions on the optical transitions are more pronounced. If well center is changed to be \({\text{L}}_{\text{c}} < 0 \, ({\text{L}}_{\text{c}} > 0)\), effective well width decreases (increases) and thus we can obtain the red or blue shift in the peak position of the absorption coefficient by changing the intensities of the non-resonant intense laser field as well as dimensions of the well.


Asymmetric parabolic quantum well Intense laser field Optical transitions 



The authors are grateful to The Scientific Research Project Fund of Cumhuriyet University (CUBAP) under the project number F-470.


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