Lead sulfide colloidal nanocrystals with strong optical nonlinearity



Colloidal PbS nanocrystals have been synthesized by a developed procedure. UV–Vis absorption and Z-scan technique was also applied to study the nonlinear optical properties of prepared lead sulfide nanocrystals at 532 nm wavelength. The nonlinear refractive (n2) and absorption (β) were determined which are confirming the strong nonlinearity at 532 nm of colloidal PbS nanocrystals. The obtained results have not been reported before. In this study, only a weak thermal optical nonlinearity was observed and the dominating nonlinear response is resulted by the electronic origin. The nonlinear optical properties of prepared sample supported wide applications in nanophotonics.


PbS nanocrystals Z-scan Optical nonlinearity 


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