Wavelength division multiplexing module with large core optical polymer planar splitter and multilayered dielectric filters



The paper reports on the design, fabrication and characterization of low cost and simple fabrication method of the planar wavelength division multiplexing modules with large core input/outputs multimode optical polymer waveguides. The modules are consisting on optical 1x2Y splitter assembled with multilayered dielectric filters and large core plastic fibers. The splitters were designed by beam propagation method using BeamPROP software for input/outputs polymer fibers with 1 mm diameter. Acrylic-based polymers were used as core optical waveguides and poly(methyl methacrylate) were used as substrate and protection cover. Multilayered dielectric filters for wavelengths 532 and 650 nm were used for wavelength division multiplexing. Measurement of the optical insertion losses proved that the insertion optical loss could be lower than 8.1 dB at 650 nm and 8.7 dB at 532 nm. The best module had insertion losses 6.8 dB at 650 nm and 6.9 dB at 532 nm. The wavelength division multiplexing modules can be applied for new application in low cost short distances optical networks.


Wavelength division multiplexing Optical splitter Multilayered dielectric filters Large core optical waveguides Polymer 



This work was supported by the research program of Czech Technical University in Prague project name Micro and Nanostructures and Devices (No. OHK3-013/17).


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