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All-optical S-R flip flop using 2-D photonic crystal

  • Tamer A. Moniem


The photonic crystals (PhC) draw significant attention to build all optical logic devices and considered one of the solutions for the opto-electronic bottleneck via speed and size. The paper presents a novel all optical SR flip flop memory based on two optical NOR gates using 2D PhC. The design of optical Flip Flop is based on four nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonator and T-type waveguide. The total size of the proposed optical memory flip flop is equal to 30 μm × 30 μm. The structure has lattice constant ‘a’ is equal to 630 nm and bandgap range from 0.32 to 044. The flip flop design has a switching time in few Picoseconds and low power input of 50 mW. The PhC structure has a square lattice of silicon rod with refractive index of 3.39 in air. The overall design and the results are discussed through the experimental implementation and the numerically simulation to confirm its operation and feasibility.


Photonic crystals PCRR Optical flip flops Optical logic gates 


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