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Investigation of nonlinear light optimum parameters to compensate loss in multilayer metamaterial waveguide with an active cladding layer

  • E. Maghamianzadeh
  • H. Erfaninia


The active structures having nonlinear optic features, metamaterial waveguides are a material of interest for compensating loss effects and creating zero light group velocity. In this paper, the multilayer structure of metamaterial waveguide with five layers is investigated. The core is metamaterial having loss and the inner cladding layer is dielectric material composed with nonlinear active materials which through applying an external light having specific wavelength, represents nonlinear characteristics. The propagation and power relations is achieved and calculated in each layer and afterward, setting three nonlinear active material \(Au/ZnO, Au/SiO_{2}\), and \(Ag/SiO_{2}\), in the cladding layer and applying an external light pump with \(\lambda =532\,\hbox {nm}\), the amplitude of external light pump and critical thickness of the core for zero optic group velocity for each structure is measured. Then by drawing related diagrams, the measurements and results are compared, and the most appropriate structure will be selected.


Metamaterial waveguide Multilayer structure Nonlinear optic Slow optic 


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  1. 1.Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dezful BranchIslamic Azad UniversityDezfulIran

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