Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 47, Issue 7, pp 2087–2094 | Cite as

Possibility of high power UV light generation in periodically poled MgO doped lithium niobate waveguides

  • G. Li
  • J. Wang
  • Y. Cui


This study investigates limitations of high power single-pass 399 nm light generations in periodically poled 5 mol% MgO doped lithium niobate (PPMgLN) waveguides arising from optical absorptions and the resulting thermal loading. A coupled thermo-optical model was employed to simulate 399 nm light generation process. It was found that after optimizing the waveguide length and the operating temperature, the output power of 0.393 W with almost no thermal inhibition can be achieved, which corresponds to a conversion efficiency of 78.6 %. It is expected that a compact and efficient high power 399 nm lasers can be realized by second harmonic generation in PPMgLN waveguides.


Second harmonic generation Thermal inhibition UV laser 



This research work was financially supported by National Natural Scientific Foundation of China (11204205), the start-up Foundation of Taiyuan University of Technology and Natural Scientific Foundation of Taiyuan University of Technology (2013Z029). We wish to thank D. Wang for critical reading of the manuscript.


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  1. 1.Key Lab of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System, Ministry of Education and Shanxi Province, College of Physics and OptoelectronicsTaiyuan University of TechnologyTaiyuanChina

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