Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 45, Issue 6, pp 529–541 | Cite as

Abruptly terminated planar left-handed material waveguide

  • A. B. Manenkov


The problem of guided mode reflection from an abruptly terminated planar metamaterial waveguide is studied by the variational technique. The theory is illustrated by examples of abruptly terminated three-layer waveguides with step permittivity and permeability profiles. Differences in the scattering characteristics for systems with metamaterials and usual media are discussed.


End of LHM waveguides Surface modes 



The author is grateful to Prof. T.M. Benson for valuable discussions dealing with applications of the FSRM method. This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Researches (projects 10-02-01403 and 11-02-01280).


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  1. 1.P. Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems, RASMoscowRussia

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