Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 44, Issue 15, pp 731–740 | Cite as

Transient analysis of static and dynamic responses for a single ring-resonator-based WDM add/drop filter array

  • Jeong Woo Park
  • Sahanggi Park
  • Gyungock Kim


This paper has analyzed the static and dynamic characteristics of a single ring-resonator-based optical WDM add/drop filter. The analysis has shown that the coupling coefficient of the coupler between a feeding waveguide and ring waveguide greatly influences the dynamic characteristics of a ring filter. Another determining factor was one round trip time of beam in a ring waveguide. Also, coupling coefficient has had influence on static on-chip losses in both thru and add/drop operation in a ring-resonator filter array. Considering both static and dynamic characteristics, a suitable range of coupling coefficients exists. Also, sideband rejection ratio of single ring resonator based WDM filter was investigated. Our method can provide a guide for the design and realization of a single ring-resonator based WDM add/drop filter.


Wavelength filtering devices Photonic integrated circuits Resonators 


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  1. 1.Electronics and Telecommunications Research InstituteDaejeonRepublic of Korea

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