Optical and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 36, Issue 15, pp 1323–1333 | Cite as

Design analysis of all-optical devices using second harmonic generation into a region with periodically modulated optical property

  • Costel Flueraru


We investigate the nonlinear optical interaction through a periodic waveguide structure consisting of two alternating segments with different linear and nonlinear optical properties. A coupled equation system has been used to calculate the intensity of fundamental and second harmonic waves and the phase shift of the fundamental. The model has been experimentally tested with good results, but the effect of the phase shift has not been considered. Comparison with the quasi-phase match (QPM) technique has been presented. The novel features introduced by alternating segments with different linear and nonlinear optical properties have been discussed. The model shows a more flexible approach, which can be used in designing optical components based on coherent nonlinear interaction. Applications are straightforward for frequency doubler and all-optical switch.


nonlinear phase shift periodic modulation second harmonic generation 


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  1. 1.Institute for National Measurement StandardsOptics GroupOttawaCanada

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