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Mary Adams Trujillo, S. Y. Bowland, Linda James Myers, Phillip M. Richards, Beth Roy (eds): Re-centering culture and knowledge in conflict resolution practice

Syracuse University Press, 2008, 370 pages
  • Patrick G. Coy

The title of the book “Re-Centering Culture and Knowledge in Conflict Resolution Practice”, could hardly have been better chosen or more accurately predictive of what one finds inside. The editors tell us in the Introduction that they had three animating impulses for this collection: treating the experiences of conflict resolution practitioners as the basis for research; moving the center of knowledge production about conflict resolution from academia to the practice field; and highlighting culturally specific and enriched practices that may diverge from dominant assumptions. Of course, taken collectively these make an especially tall order, one unlikely to be filled fully and evenly by any anthology. Still, this creative collection delivers enough nuggets of insight to partly satisfy both the skeptic and the true-believer with regard to culture and knowledge in conflict resolution.

The conflict resolution field has reached a level of maturity such that debates about the roles that...


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