Nonlinear Oscillations

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Invertibility of the nonlinear operator \(\left( {{\mathcal{L}}x} \right)\left( t \right) = H\left( {x\left( t \right),\;\frac{{dx\left( t \right)}} {{dt}}} \right)\) in the space of functions bounded on the axis

  • V. Yu. Slyusarchuk
We obtain conditions for the invertibility of the nonlinear differential operator
$$\left( {{\mathcal{L}}x} \right)\left( t \right) = H\left( {x\left( t \right),\;\frac{{dx\left( t \right)}} {{dt}}} \right)$$
in the space of functions bounded on the axis.


Banach Space Periodic Solution Nonlinear Differential Equation Nonlinear Operator Functional Differential Equation 
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