A nonlinear dynamic vibration model of cylindrical roller bearing considering skidding


This paper proposes a dynamic model to investigate the vibration response of a cylindrical roller bearing considering skidding. This model considers the frictional forces and the contact forces between rolling elements and races simultaneously. The interactions between the frictional forces and the dynamic responses of rolling bearing when skidding happens are also included in the model. It improves previous quasi-dynamic models in which the contact forces and frictional forces between races and rolling elements were determined by a separate load distribution model via the static force and moment equilibrium equations for races. The variations of the friction forces in a rotational period are elaborated, and the generating mechanism is also explained. It is found that the existence of skidding may lead to fluctuations and a significant increase of the friction force. The effect of skidding on the bearing vibration is studied by comparing the simulated results with those predicted by previous models under the pure rolling assumption. The results show that the friction forces will increase the vibration level and introduce impact components into the vibration response. It is necessary to consider the influence of skidding on the bearing vibration response using the proposed model, especially for high-speed bearings.

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The research work done in the paper was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project Nos. 51965018, 51865010) and the Education Department Science and Technology Project of Jiangxi Province (Project No. GJJ200613).

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  • Cylindrical roller bearing
  • Skidding
  • Vibration model
  • Friction force
  • Viscous drag force