Nonlinear Dynamics

, Volume 83, Issue 4, pp 2183–2211 | Cite as

Synchronization of uncertain constrained hyperchaotic systems and chaos-based secure communications via a novel decomposed nonlinear stochastic estimator

  • Mohamed F. Hassan
Original Paper


In this paper, a secure chaotic scheme for communications in noisy public channel is proposed. This scheme is based on the concept of carrier encryption in addition to the typical data encryption techniques. At the transmitter end, the unified chaotic system with adaptive parameter and a hyperchaotic Rössler system with uncertain parameters are coupled, constrained and used as a new hyperchaotic system which generates waveforms that are different from those of any known chaotic oscillator. After modulating one of the outputs of the system with the encrypted data signal, the outputs of the system are encrypted using a set of pre-defined encryption rules and transmitted to the receiving end through a noisy public communications channel. At the receiving end, the received outputs are decrypted and the transmitted data are retrieved by reconstructing the constrained hyperchaotic signals using the novel discrete-time iterative decomposed uncertain constrained extended Kalman filter (IDUCEKF). The proposed state estimator, besides being used to handle the estimation problem of uncertain constrained nonlinear dynamical systems, reduces the required processing time and gives good numerical performance. Simulation results are firstly presented to illustrate the applicability of the IDUCEKF in synchronizing the states of the constrained hyperchaotic system. Then, the proposed secure communication scheme is applied to transmit images, and the quality of the transmission process is assessed. The obtained results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


Chaos Chaotic synchronization Extended Kalman filter Secure communication State estimation 



This research was supported by Kuwait University under research Grant No. EE 02/14.


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