Natural Hazards

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  • Heriberta Castaños
  • Cinna Lomnitz
Book Review

Jörn Birkmann (ed): Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: Towards Disaster Resilient Societies; United Nations University Press, Tokyo, 2006, 524 pp. paperback, $39.00

Jörn Birkmann and Ben Wisner (eds): Measuring the Un-Measurable: The Challenge of Vulnerability; UNU Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), 2006, ISBN: 3-9810582-7-5, 64 pp. Available on the Web

Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards is a full-sized book containing 24 chapters. It is indeed “unique” and “essential”, as the blurb on the back cover promises. It is highly recommended, reasonably priced, and well worth owning. The chapters are scattered over a broad range of subjects. As a reference work, the book is indispensable for disaster scientists.

Measuring the Un-Measurableis available for free on the Web and is very useful for understanding the point of view of the authors of the previous book. Dr. Birkmann, who edits and largely co-authors both volumes, is a young academic officer who...


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