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Durch die Austrocknung des Schlammteiches bis zur Nicht-identität

  • Danijela Lugarih


Supposing that consenting to the habits and rules established by the millieu towards an individual is a precondition of any social exceptance and achievement, Janko PolihKamov, an example of exuberant phenomenon in the Croatian literature, showed how the destructive and negative relation towards the culture stereotypes or social products at the turn of the 20th century in Croatia had influenced the forming of identity. By the presentation of the author's life through the Draining of the Puddle,this paper is going to show the destiny of the writer who assumed that opposition to stereotypes will lead him to the fullness of life. Moulded contrary to the society, culture, time and place, created from a destructive relation towards one's own enviroment, his identity became the one who is not who he is,i.e., non-entity. Thus he became non-functional and rejected by the society - stranger without identity.</o:p>


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